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Laughable LinkedIn Endorsements

Thanks to for the hilarious picture! What would yours be?My (honest) LinkedIn endorsements could easily be: 31  Standing in front of the vending machine longingly 29  Having to do the ABC song while filing 15  Trying to respond to a question on a conference call on mute 10  Abuse of the Outlook calendaring function […]

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Cost Per Hire: What’s Yours?

In 2012, the American National Standards Institute accepted the Society for Human Resource Management’s proposal for determining a cost-per-hire algorithm that would provide  a standard with which companies in the US could compare their hiring costs across industries. As Lee Webster, SHRM’s director of HR standards, said, “The HR profession and its stakeholders can now […]

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Royal Baby Watch (or Productivity vs. the Internet)

Millions of people across the world are anticipating the birth of William and Catherine’s baby. Millions of people are at work while they are anticipating. Live news streams, twitter feeds, and updates are being refreshed on the regular. And guess what? It’s taking up YOUR company’s bandwidth. It’s eating up any productivity a Monday will […]

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